Live Tradition of Icon Painting. Truefresco and Icons Studio of Philip Davydov.

Live Tradition of Icon Painting.

Our Studio specializes in creating unique icons and fresco murals.

Our aim is to create icons and murals, which would fit the concrete worship place. We work with holy prayer and deep study, trying to transform simple architecture into a sacred worship space.

Sacred icons and frescos inspire all the church interior with visible images of Our Lord and His saints, they give focal point for common prayer and for individual meditation.

In fact, we try to  work with the same creative approach to the
old models as the medieval Christian craftsmen had, and it is vitally important for us to follow not only old church canons of icon and fresco painting and traditional , but to follow also the spirit of our predecessors.

In frescos and icon painting we use only traditional technology, proved by centuries. We use all natural and hand-made materials, because they have their special qualities, they are safe and they are resistant.

If You have question or comments, You wish to order a Truefresco mural or an icon,
e-mail us, we are always happy to answer letters.

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Christian Fresco And  Icons Studio.

Located in Russia, St. Petersburg, Ul. Babushkina 57.

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Резка и нарезка швов швонарезчиком усадочных в бетоне.


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